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I’m sure you are going to be stoked when you know this amazing history.

Julia Castro, 21, is a young canarian rider. She got highly skilled after having ridden for only 3 years. We also know that she is training really hard to become a part of the PKRA. Unfortunately, some months ago, she injuried her shoulder and she has been out of the water for the last 8 months.

However, instead of breaking down, as many of our talented youngsters, she keeps on fighting to make her dreams come true.

Julia Castro rider de kitesurf entrevista en mercakite

After a lot of sacrifice, she is in the water again. I don’t know if it is the sweetness on her glance, the tenderness of her voice, her shy smile or her tears when feeling the power of the kite again, but I am pretty sure you are gonna be moved with this video.

www.mercakite.com has had the opportunity to interview her in order to know her more in depth. Here you are.

mercakite.com: Hi Julia. We were very excited when we watched your video getting ready to hit the water, in fact, one feels like doing this sport. Could you please explain to us when you decided to start kiting?

Julia: I’m really happy to have been able to pass down all that I felt my first day in the water after my rehab. I thought that it was something that I should share with everyone. I decided to become pro (not 100% because I’m still studying) when I finished my high school. I had been kiting for a year but I definitely wanted to compete.


MK: You are still very young and you have a great career ahead. How do you do to keep fit?

Julia: Oh!, thank you. As you may know, I have been injured for the last 8 months, but before getting injured, during it and right now I have 3 “gym” sessions per day and when there is no gym, I train without weights in a garden wherever I am.


MK: I guess you want to be the new world Champion. In 2 or 3 years?

Julia: For an athlete this is a dream, to be the best in something, but  to be honest, I would like to be in the top 3 of the world. I don’t want to set a goal yet, but working hard and with a little bit of luck everything will come. Let’s see.
MK: At the moment, who is your biggest opponent and why?

Julia: As I said before, I haven’t been competing for a long time, but all of them are big opponents. When I was competing all of us had similar skills.

MK: Is there friendship in the contest?

Julia: No, there isn’t.


MK: How do you balance study and competition?

Julia: Basically, I wake up when everybody is sleeping and I go to bed when everybody is partying. My earphones are always with me, and thankfully I can study when people start to wake up.

In fact, it’s pretty hard because I would like to sleep until my body wakes up by itself and to enjoy evenings with everyone but, you know,  duty calls.


MK: What would you like to be?

Julia: 100% happy!


MK: If 2 minutes were given to you with the Spanish Prime Minister, what would you say to him?

Julia: I would like to ask him about his ideology and why he defends it, what he thinks about sport in Spain, and why he doesn’t support it as they should. I also would ask him why he kisses so cheekily Germany’s ass and I would give him a huge list with the things I think he has to improve in my sport. I guess, it’s quite hard to be a president.

MK: What do you do when you are not kiting?

Julia: A lot of things. I Never stop, but if I have to say 3: studying, training and taking care of my social networks. Not all the days of my week are the same…


MK: Right now, which is the trending topic in Kiteboarding?

Julia: Trending topic is about supporting women, not only in kiteboarding, but also in common society. Brands are progressively making more specific stuff for us. On the other hand, strapless is going to blow up. It’s pretty cool…


MK: Who is your influential person?

Julia: I take a little bit of everyone close to me. Sure, I have a source of inspiration, but I prefer not to say it, 😉 Look, for example, some days ago, I was talking with an Argentinian doctor and he told me that when he was young he had to work as hard as I am doing to be a doctor. Sacrifice is necessary to be the best.


MK: Which is the trick that takes you more time to learn? and the easiest?

Julia: A super difficult trick that luckily I could learn in Brasil was “Back to Blind”. It was quite hard.

The easiest trick to learn is “Blind Judge”. I did it on my first go and then I couldn’t stop.


MK: When you arrive to Spain after a big trip, what do you do?

Julia: I Visit my family, sleep, but, listen, I don’t travel so often, I’m a poor kiter.


MK: Which is your next goal?

Julia: Right now, I am in Brasil, getting my shoulder used to kitting, the water, … It’s a slow process, anyway, here I am fighting.


MK: Thank you very much for your time!! Have a lot of Luck!
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Best wind for you!

Julia Castro en mercakite


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